What Happens if a Judge Orders my Spouse to Return my Car and He Returns it Damaged?

Help! We just got divorced, and the Judge ordered my spouse to return my car to me. Last night my spouse delivered the car but it was damaged? What do I do?

Did this happen to you? You went through a difficult divorce, and the judge finally made an order giving you the car and your husband/wife the other car. Problem is that when husband dropped off the car, it had many new dents and a broken window.


Happened in Less Than 30 Days from Judge’s Order

Relax, all is not lost. If the judge ordered the divorce within the last 30 days, you can go back to court and ask for a new trial on the divorce case. Essentially, you’re asking the judge to have a new trial and give you more money in the new order for the damages. Your attorney can make some changes to the assets that were split up and ask the judge for a new order giving you more assets.


It has been More than 30 Days from the Judge’s Order

There are still legal ways to handle this problem. You will have to collect all documentation you have for the car; the initial documents showing how much you paid for the car, any car fax showing the current value of the car etc. Give them to your attorney and she will file a motion for contempt of court orders and ask the Judge to find that your ex damaged the property. The attorney can ask for money from your ex for the dent and the broken window and for attorney’s fees you had to pay to hire her again for this damage action.


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