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The practice of aviation law is complicated and always changing. An aerospace companies attorney in Houston, Texas, must be consulted in order to successfully handle legal issues relating to aircraft operations and facilities.

At GK Law PLLC, we provide clients with a wide variety of legal advice and services in aviation law. Our clients receive exceptional value from our expertise in this area, responsive service, and reasonable pricing.

Call our Houston aerospace companies attorney if you are trying to start an aerospace company but finding it difficult due to the many technicalities involved. Our business law firm can help you avoid running into legal issues along the road.

Why do I need an Aerospace Companies Attorney in Texas?

You can deal with an aviation lawyer who has the specialized expertise and experience you need if you have a problem relating to aviation law. Aviation-related agreements and disputes may involve a variety of parties, including the following:

  • Aircraft controllers
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Aircraft owners
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Passengers
  • Pilots

Consult with our Texas aerospace companies attorney if you are having legal problems with your aerospace firm to prevent more lawsuits or disputes.

What Other Factors Should You Take Into Account Before Hiring an Aerospace Lawyer?

It is advisable to hire an aviation attorney when dealing with a legal matter related to aviation. Many aviation attorneys hold commercial pilot licenses, and some of them have experience flying for major airlines. Being represented by a practical expert can help to avoid misunderstandings regarding aviation procedures and laws between you and your attorney.

The aviation sector is highly regulated, and many pilots, shipping companies, and companies that frequently employ air travel may find it challenging to comply with the numerous rules and laws that Congress has approved and that federal agencies have enforced. As a result, lots of companies and people employ aviation lawyers ahead of time.

Contact an aviation attorney right away to learn more about your legal options if you or your company is dealing with a legal issue related to aviation.

What is Aviation Law?

Almost all legal concerns relating to aircraft and airport operations are covered under aviation law, including regulations for a pilot license, safe air traffic control, and aircraft navigation and maintenance. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is primarily responsible for enforcing aviation laws and regulations at the federal level. Aviation safety is governed by both the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which conducts accident investigations, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which maintains airline passenger safety.

States don't have much authority to enact aviation-related legislation. States may, however, pass laws that don't conflict with federal law, as well as zoning regulations that set limits on municipal airports' operating hours and noise levels.

Business Aviation

Complex operations and transactions are a part of business aviation. Financial disputes resulting from the financing, buying, selling, or leasing of an aircraft may require legal action and the assistance of an aviation attorney. An aviation attorney can assist in resolving the following business aviation issues:

  • Airport lien foreclosures
  • Issues with insurance coverage
  • Partnership disputes
  • Warranty claims

You should work with an aviation lawyer if you plan to buy an aircraft. You can structure the ownership and operation of the aircraft with the aid of an aviation attorney to:

  • Comply with the FAA and the United States Department of Transportation
  • Reduce liability
  • Reduce taxes and increase tax deductions

Reach out to our Houston aerospace companies attorney to learn more regarding this legal matter.

What Legal Problems Arise in the Aviation Industry?

Personal Injury

In the aviation industry, personal injury cases frequently involve:

  • Injuries brought on by extended time spent in an airplane seat, such as thrombosis.
  • Accidents that happen while flying, including strains brought on by the movement of the plane during turbulence.
  • Emotional discomfort
  • Airport slipping and falling incidents.

Wrongful Death

Even though they are rare, accidents and plane crashes are unfortunate inevitabilities in the aviation industry. Family members who lost a family member in an aviation crash may be entitled to compensation through wrongful death claims. Airlines must adhere to certain rules after an airplane crash that results in a fatality in accordance with the Family Assistance Act. It is necessary for the airlines to:

  • Organize family support services, such as support and counseling for grieving
  • Choose specific caregivers to support each family
  • Cooperate with families to locate and deliver relics and belongings
  • Create a family communication network

Lost or Destroyed Property

Passengers typically aren't allowed to take an airline to court over lost luggage. In the event of damage or loss, the majority of airlines insure their passengers' luggage up to a predetermined amount. As a result, the only option left to passengers is to accept the airline's offer of compensation. You must be aware that pets are frequently seen as luggage without added valuation.

Flight Cancellations

Airlines cannot be sued by passengers for postponed or canceled flights. When a passenger purchases a ticket, it is assumed that they are aware of the risk that a flight may be canceled or postponed against their will.

Extended Flight Delays on Tarmac

In most cases, even the most outraged or dissatisfied customers cannot bring a lawsuit against the airline for the unnecessary delay that keep them confined to the aircraft for hours on end. If the delay hurt them in any way, they could be able to file a lawsuit. The Department of Transportation has lately addressed this issue in light of an increase in lawsuits filed by passengers due to these delays. Currently, there are strict guidelines for how airlines must handle customers who face delays of at least two to three hours.

Statutes of Limitations and Statutes of Repose

An aviation attorney must be knowledgeable of all statutes of limitations that can be relevant to a particular case. To decide which statute will apply to a certain aviation litigation matter, an aviation lawyer must also be familiar with the choice of law rules.

The amount of time that a person has to file a lawsuit is restricted by statutes of limitations. The applicable federal or state personal injury or wrongful death statute of limitation is frequently used as the statute of limitations in aviation cases. The statute of limitations may be tolled or suspended under certain conditions.

The statute of repose is distinct from the statute of limitations. The statute of repose restricts a manufacturer of an item or product's possible product liability to a certain time frame following the product's manufacturing and sale. In some cases involving aviation crashes, the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) establishes a statute of repose.

The problems an aviation attorney handles might be very challenging. Therefore, if you have legal challenges relating to aviation law, it is crucial that you engage with an aerospace company attorney who is familiar with the nuances of aviation law and the problems you are dealing with.

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Legal concerns are just one of the difficulties that come with owning and running an aerospace company. Whether your legal issue involves liabilities, airport operations, or company practices, you can trust that GK Law PLLC has the expertise to address it.

Legal advice that can quickly and strategically respond to claims that could have a detrimental impact on your organization is necessary due to the complexity of the laws and regulations governing aviation enterprises. Our aerospace companies attorney, who has years of expertise, can assist you in achieving your company objectives. We will defend your rights and help you navigate the legal system in Houston, Texas.

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