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Every establishment we’ve ever set foot on requires construction to be strongly built. Construction and the quality of which is vital in determining the strength of infrastructure. However, problems can arise with the building materials, damaging the integrity of the establishment, and potentially causing serious injury to anyone in the building. Given the harm it can bring, it is essential to hire a defective construction lawyer in Houston, TX when faced with this situation. 

Construction law covers aspects that reduce the integrity and value of a structure putting its occupants in danger, any work that results from faulty craftsmanship, and is not from natural wear and tear. The nature of construction makes it difficult to point out the at-fault party since many factors come into play. 

The best solution is to get legal representation

Defective Construction Lawyer from Houston, TX

Defective construction lawyer

One would need quality representation if they are dealing with construction defect problems. GK Law, PLLC focuses not just on construction law but also on areas such as real estate and corporate law

The attorney's years of experience can help clients reach a fair resolution. Defective construction attorneys can provide clients with personalized solutions to their legal problems. 

Get in touch with a Houston, TX defective construction attorney right now if you are dealing with problems related to the integrity of a structure. 

Gagan Khan, the firm’s attorney, has helped many Houston, TX residents with their legal troubles. You don’t have to face your legal problems alone. Schedule an appointment with a defective construction lawyer from Houston, TX now!

Why do I need a Defective Construction Lawyer in Houston, Texas?

Construction law can be quite frustrating, as one can see all their efforts into putting up a home or a building crumble down. Apart from the dollars it takes to build, the money to be spent in the event of an injury can also bring so much stress. This is why having a defective construction lawyer in Houston, TX is essential. 

A defective construction lawyer is the person to sort and straighten out matters. 

But what can a defective construction attorney do for you? Won’t it save you so much more if you just went about it on your own? 

Having legal representation on your side is vital since a defective construction lawyer understands the ins and outs of construction law. They are also able to understand the specific requirements of the Residential Construction Liability Act which is a series of back-and-forth communications between homeowners and contractors. 

Apart from that, a defective construction lawyer can review your case and offer legal representation should resolution without litigation be impossible to achieve. Having an attorney also helps with negotiations since most of these are unsuccessful, resulting in litigations.

If you are caught up in the middle of legal troubles involving construction, get in touch with a Houston, TX defective construction attorney right now! 


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What is Defective Construction?

Building a home may be a dream for many but the processes involved can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to construction defects. Common construction defects such as faulty electrical system, cracks, and leaks are structural  failures that reduce the home’s value and adds distress and fear to one’s living situation. 

Certain defects often don’t show themselves until much later. Learn more about defective construction and how having a lawyer in the said practice can help you get injury claims. 

What are the Common Construction Defects?

Construction defects fall into a variety of categories, all of which bring their own set of problems for the residents. Here are the common construction defects one needs to be acquainted with: 

Design Deficiencies

Professionals such as architects and engineers are responsible for designing buildings and constructing systems. Design deficiencies can still occur even under professional care and supervision. 

Deficiencies involve building outside of codes, improperly designed foundations, and more. With poor design comes water penetration, intrusion, and poor structural support. 

Construction Deficiencies 

Deficiencies in workmanship can result in construction defects. The reason is that these defects are not at par with the code or may be covered up by the contractor. 

Material Deficiencies 

Using materials that are weaker in quality can cause problems such as leaks and cracks. Weaker materials fail to adequately provide support even when installed properly. 

The most popular deficiencies with building materials include building paper, waterproofing membranes not aligned with the code, or inferior, unapproved drywall for damp areas. 

Subsurface Deficiencies

Since some houses are erected on shifting soil, there could be a challenge in providing a stable foundation for the house. Cracked foundations and building damages.

Other common issues associated with subsurface deficiencies include poor drainage and improper settlement on the ground.

How is Construction Defect Proven in Court?

Proving a construction defect in court depends on the defect. If the defect is a patent, meaning something more obvious, or if the defect took years to manifest, then it’ll have a role in the verdict. 

Construction defect litigation claims depend on expert testimonies, experts who specialize in construction areas who can easily point out and analyze the defects. 

As far as responsibility is concerned, there could be many but it’ll fall on the shoulders of the general contractors, developers, and structure builders even if subcontractors performed the work. The defendant’s insurance company will be responsible typically for paying any damages. 

When involved in a construction defect situation in Houston, TX, get in touch with a defective construction lawyer from the law firm. 

What Damages Can Be Recovered from Defective Construction?

Recovered damages depend highly on the varying circumstances of the case but in general, repair costs and value decline must be compensated for. 

Other damages include loss of property use, temporary housing cost, personal injury, and punitive damages.

Call our Defective Construction Lawyer in Houston, Texas Now!

Defective construction pertains to faulty workmanship or material in a residential or building that can cause damage to the integrity of the structure and potential damage to the occupants. 

Construction law can be quite complicated due to the nature of how the fault is proven and the negotiation for claims. 

However, you don’t have to go through the pains of defective construction alone. A defective construction lawyer can review your case, perform litigation, and ensure that you get properly compensated. Get in touch with a reliable Houston, TX defective construction lawyer from GK Law, PLLC.

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