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Texas is well known for being a significant producer of oil and related goods. Due to this, there are plenty of big players in the industry, and disputes between companies and consumers are not far from happening. An experienced Houston business attorney is required when disagreements develop due to the complexity of the specialized laws and regulations governing the oil and gas industry.

Our Houston business lawyers for oil and gas companies strive to protect our clients from unwarranted liabilities that could lead to legal issues and financial obligations. All parties have rights in conflicts involving drilling, land ownership, environmental cleanup, and other issues. Our reputable Houston oil and gas company attorney will safeguard your rights as a property owner or business owner. To handle legal matters on your behalf, contact GK Law PLLC.

Why Do I Need an Oil and Gas Company Attorney in Texas?

The landowners with whom they engage in agreements, the state of Texas, and the environment are all parties with whom oil and gas companies must comply with various legal obligations. Oil firms should work closely with a skilled oil and gas company attorney knowledgeable about the energy industry to get the most out of oil agreements and prevent unnecessary litigation.

An oil and gas company that has a lease with a landowner is liable for the following:

  • A nearby oil well should not be used to drain a property of its oil.
  • Pay royalties following the lease's conditions.
  • Do not combine land with another land that does not contain valuable materials (oil, gas, minerals, etc.).
  • Defend your royalty interest against loss.

Failure to take any of the above actions could cause disputes with landowners and unnecessary litigations. Both oil and gas companies and landowners involved in oil and gas lease agreements are protected by laws.

Our reputable attorneys at GK Law PLLC will cover the essential legal requirements associated with oil and gas law on your behalf. Our law firm will examine and clarify the oil and gas rights between companies and landowners. Contact us right away!

Houston Oil and Gas Law

The production, transportation, and processing of crude oil, natural gas, and related hydrocarbons are covered under oil and gas law, a part of natural resources law.
There are three "streams" of business that have been developed by oil and gas law:

  • Upstream refers to the "E&P" business, which involves the actual search for and production of oil and gas.
  • Midstream refers to the gathering, processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of oil and gas produced.
  • Downstream refers to refining crude oil and the sale and final distribution of natural gas and products derived from crude oil.

The body of law known as "oil and gas" governs how oil and natural gas are discovered, developed, allocated, owned, managed, and ultimately used as energy sources to fuel modern civilization. The combination of statutory, regulatory, and judicial law that typically governs the three streams of the oil and gas industry is known as oil and gas law.

Although there is significant overlap with environmental, tax, employment, administrative, and even tort law, this law mainly draws from contract, property, and business law. For instance, a client who wants to set up a business to purchase and develop a specific offshore or onshore oil and gas prospect faces a unique set of legal issues. Because of the variety and specificity of these concerns, specialized oil and gas lawyers have emerged.

Additionally, oil and gas attorneys must know the business realities that influence their clients. They know the operational details and negotiating points in contracts and physical operations that are common and unique to the oil and gas industry. They must navigate governmental regulations to achieve their client's goals and organize transactions from various property and operational issues. The mechanics and economics of developing oil and gas, as opposed to hard minerals like coal, have resulted in significantly multiple business structures and contracts for developing these fossil fuel resources.

Texas Oil and Gas Law

Texas Law of Oil and Gas combines the text of all relevant laws, rules, and decisions with advice from legal professionals.

    • Volume One – The common law of oil and gas and legal theories regarding ownership and lease transfers are the main topics of Volume 1.
    • Volume Two – Volume 2 discusses the laws and Railroad Commission regulations that control drilling, production, and voluntary unitization in Texas to conserve oil and gas.
    • Volume Three – The most recent information on farm-outs, assignments, operation agreements, and relevant statutes is covered in Volume 3.

What are Different Oil and Gas Disputes in Texas?

Royalty Disputes

These disputes frequently occur when the property is distributed among several family members intestate (without a will). Incorrect royalty payments might also result in conflicts. No matter how the issues develop, it is essential to consult a skilled attorney as soon as possible to safeguard your interests.

Joint Operating Agreements

These types of agreements focus on drilling terms as a joint operation. All parties involved may suffer if these disputes are not immediately resolved. To safeguard your interests and swiftly resolve issues arising from joint operating agreements, contact an experienced oil and gas lawyer.

Lease Disputes

Although lease agreements are intended to benefit both parties, disputes can endanger the relationship and the operation. Such instances could result in a loss of profit for one or more parties. An experienced attorney can assist drilling companies and landowners in swiftly resolving conflicts to resume operations.

Disputes Regarding Pipelines, Transportation, and Storage

Several parties and companies are constantly involved in constructing oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities. Transporting and storing petroleum products is subject to strict regulations, leading to complex disputes. These disputes can put the entire process on hold without a seasoned attorney.

Shale & Fracturing Disputes

The Texas oil and gas sector has significantly benefited from hydraulic fracturing or fracking. Still, it has also given rise to numerous heated issues. Landowners and oil and gas businesses can safeguard their interests in shale and fracking issues with an experienced Houston oil and gas company lawyer.

Do I Have Any Legal Claim to the Oil Found if I Have Mineral Rights?

In Texas, landowners who hold mineral rights to their property, sometimes known as "surface estate," typically also receive oil and gas rights. They can also claim ownership of such resources if salt, sulfur, or uranium deposits are found beneath their land. However, specifics in a lease or deed may alter their oil and gas rights. Additionally, the depth of a significant deposit might impact the rights to minerals, oil, and gas. It is essential to consult with a lawyer to fully understand your legal rights to what is under your property.

Call a Houston Oil and Gas Company Attorney Now!

An oil and gas company requires a lot of technical expertise. Oil and gas lawyers must thoroughly understand oil and gas exploration, evaluation, production, and transportation in addition to the laws' complexity and intricacy. People and businesses who do not hire the most seasoned oil and gas attorneys to assist them in resolving oil and gas issues will almost certainly be taken advantage of.

At GK Law PLLC, our Houston, Texas, business lawyers for oil and gas companies have an extensive experience in this highly sophisticated area of business law. Contact us immediately to arrange a consultation to discuss your oil and gas concerns.

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