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Protecting the Rights of Business and Real Estate Owners

Successful entrepreneurs must swiftly adjust to changes in the business environment. A single legal blunder may cripple a company, reducing its agility and exposing it to unnecessary dangers. We can assist you in avoiding legal hazards, allowing you to go forward and expand your company. You'll be able to adjust to new situations with confidence, knowing that your exposure to unfavorable business risks has been reduced.

Working with competent real estate and business attorneys is a critical element of establishing and sustaining a successful firm, regardless of its size. GK Law's team has extensive expertise in providing complete legal services to real estate and business clients in Houston and nearby areas in Texas.

Business Law


Mergers & Acquisitions

For years, our real estate and business attorneys have assisted businesses across Texas with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other high-stakes transactions. We have mediated the purchase and sale of enterprises ranging from hospitals and medical practices to software firms, oil and gas ventures, manufacturers, distributors, industrial equipment, vineyards, etc. We are recognized as industry leaders in business and health care law.

While there are significant potential gains from a successful merger and acquisition, there are also significant dangers. Working with an experienced mergers and acquisitions law firm is essential for negotiating difficulties, preserving your company's interests, and laying the groundwork for future development and success.

Shareholder Disputes and Oppression

Ownership arrangements in closely held firms frequently put minority shareholders in jeopardy. When majority shareholders use their influence to take action that unfairly affects the minority, this is known as shareholder oppression.

When a typical shareholder scenario plays out, a minority shareholder at odds with management may find themselves imprisoned, unable to safeguard their interests, or forced to remove their investment due to the inability to sell tightly held shares. GK Law's real estate and business attorneys are always ready to discuss your rights and choices if you are a shareholder who wants to learn more about preventing shareholder dilution or taking legal action.

Business Contract Disputes

Many contract disputes can be settled by mediation or negotiation. However, clients may be sure that they are being represented by a company that will not hesitate to prosecute if it is in their best interests. Call our real estate and business attorney if you need legal help with a contract issue. Contracts serve to safeguard your interests. We can assist you in evaluating your contract choices and defending your contract rights in the event of a dispute.


Sale and Purchase of Business Assets

Asset purchase contracts are complicated agreements that specify the seller's specific authorization to dispose of the listed assets and other aspects such as whether the listed assets are encumbered, whether their worth equals the purchase price, and so on. The closing date, the effective date, and business conducted during the interim are all defined.

Both parties must provide full disclosure, and verification of these assertions may be required, along with indemnification clauses. To guarantee that all standards are completed, and the deal is brought to successful completion without the possibility of future litigation, it is critical to employ a knowledgeable real estate and business attorney.

Partnership, LLC, and Startup Disputes

We can assist you with expert representation if you are involved in a partnership dispute. We recognize that the best approach to safeguard your interests is to resolve your disagreement swiftly and efficiently.

We've been assisting clients in reaching excellent outcomes for years. When a partnership conflict arises, it is critical to get immediate legal advice from a seasoned business attorney from us. Having well-crafted agreements in place is one method to avoid disagreements between company partners.

Corporate Whistleblowers

If you speak out against a big corporation's wrongdoings, you may risk reprisal from that firm. It might involve losing your job, intimidation threats, demotion, or even harassment. To protect your rights, whistleblower protection laws exist in Texas's public and private sectors.

Our real estate and business attorneys are familiar with the protection laws and statutes of limitations in our state. Reporting unlawful activities is a noble endeavor, and you should not face retaliation for doing so in good faith. We'll do everything to safeguard your rights and get you the money you deserve.

Unfair Competition

A thorough non-competitive agreement covering all aspects is required to safeguard your business or practice from unfair competition. GK Law, a Houston-based corporate law firm, works with employers, executives, workers, independent contractors, and business buyers and sellers to develop, evaluate, negotiate, and implement thorough, enforceable, and mutually agreed upon non-competitive agreements.

Business Litigation

You are losing time and money as a result of a business conflict. Our Texas real estate and business attorneys can help you navigate complicated commercial issues and litigation, such as contract disputes, trade secrets, intellectual property claims, employment disputes, and shareholder or partner disagreements so that you can get back to business.

General Services

Most companies recognize the need to have lawyers represent them in contract reviews, drafting, and negotiations, and to provide legal counsel generally. However, hiring someone to be an inside counsel can be costly and inefficient. Gagan Law offers an alternative to companies in need of legal services. We are equipped to

  • Review and draft your company policies
  • Understand your operation processes
  • Analyze your company’s strategies and manage legal risks

Property Law

Defective Construction

Negotiations, conflicts, and lawsuits can develop throughout the design and execution of any project, no matter how basic or complicated. It may be a complex issue because the procedure is sophisticated, and there is often a significant danger on building sites. Our Texas real estate and business attorneys can help you if you're having trouble with these issues.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate law is difficult to understand since it frequently includes two or more parties, and the norms and rules differ not just from state to state but also from county to county and city to city. Working with an experienced Texas real estate and business attorney is critical to handle real estate legal challenges effectively.

Because of the wide range of legal problems that fall within the purview of real estate law, a broad knowledge base is an invaluable tool in this line of work. Our work is guided by years of expertise and legal precedent at our company.

Title Disputes

GK Law's real estate and business attorneys have helped countless people, families, and company owners clear their titles and finalize deals, making the real estate process as painless and straightforward as possible.

Although title difficulties can be challenging to resolve, we have successfully achieved solutions for our clients for many years. When you're buying a home or dealing with title disputes after a loved one passes away, we make sure all of your concerns are addressed so you can get back on solid ground.

Liens on Real Estate

A lien can be a helpful strategy to safeguard and protect your property while a dispute is being resolved if you owe or are due money for work on your house or company.

A lien, once registered, prevents real estate from being sold until the obligation is paid off. Unfortunately, if a lien is filed wrongly, it may have no impact or result in penalties or other punishments imposed on the entity that filed the claim.

If you need to file a real estate lien in Texas, you should consult with a real estate and business attorney to ensure that everything is done legally.

Lien Removal

When a residential or commercial property has liens on it, a seller's choices for selling it are limited. You won't be able to sell, mortgage, or take out a home equity loan on your house until any current liens are removed. Commercial property sellers may face financial losses if they cannot promptly sell or develop their property.

Our experienced real estate and business attorneys at GK Law advise clients through the lien removal procedure, allowing them to go on with their real estate transactions in Houston, Texas.

Condemnation Law

Commercial Property

Highways, major thoroughfares, and heavily-traveled routes provide retail and commercial buildings access and exposure to traffic. Commercial properties are more vulnerable to road widening and expansions due to locational attributes that make them the most valued assets.

GK Law's real estate and business attorneys take on condemnation cases at all stages. From pre-conviction preparation to hearings before the commissioners and, of course, trial.

Industrial Property

Industrial sites frequently have unique logistical, access, and locational requirements that might be disregarded by the condemning authority when determining the property's worth before the taking or the taking's influence on the site's use and, therefore, its market value, after the taking.

We collaborate with appraisers, engineers, land planners, and other experts to determine the market worth and the project's implications. We're renowned for providing value to each case we handle because of our attention to detail, legal knowledge, work ethic, and passion for fighting for our client's best interests.

Highway Expansion Condemnation

Hundreds of property owners realize precisely how much authority the government has to acquire private land for public use as major highway construction projects continue in Houston and around Texas.

It is critical to understand your legal rights if your property has been condemned for a highway project or if you have been given notice that condemnation is in the works. GK Law's real estate and business lawyers have considerable expertise managing condemnation cases in Texas and can offer you the advice and representation required. We are a reliable source of legal representation for landowners all around Texas.

U.S. Mexico Border Wall Condemnation

Landowners rarely embrace government takeovers of their land, especially when it has a sentimental value aside from its economic worth. Some landowners may be concerned about the border wall because of its politics and controversies. And while money may not be able to pay for these non-economic issues, it should always aim to maximize compensation.

Initial compensation proposals rarely reflect genuine market worth or actual damages, and they do not account for opportunity costs. As a result, accepting the government's initial offer frequently leaves money on the table. Working with our condemnation-experienced real estate and business attorneys will help you ensure that you obtain all of the money to which you are due.

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Whether you're seeking legal advice in starting or expanding your business, dealing with property liens and title disputes, or looking for legal help in eminent domain and condemnation law issues, GK Law is here to help you reclaim your rights.

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