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Successful people and organizations recognize the importance of retaining excellent professional service providers and consultants in accomplishing their objectives. As a result, high-quality legal counsel has become an unavoidable need in today's highly regulated, complicated, and competitive world.

GK Law tackles Business Law, Property Law, and Eminent Domain / Condemnation.

Our property law attorneys in Houston can deliver high-quality service to you so you can focus on the more pleasurable and profitable areas of your life and grow your business!

Why Do I Need Help from Property Law Attorneys in Texas?

Lawyers are well-versed in what to look for in buying and selling agreements. Before the transaction's completion, your attorney should evaluate some paperwork. These documents include but are not limited to the following:

  • Title Reports
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Loan Documents
  • Disclosure Statements

You improve your chances of protecting title rights by employing skilled real estate attorneys.

You'll also save money on taxes and fees, resulting in less stress and more money in your pocket.

We are adaptable in that we can collaborate with other specialists such as architects, contractors, engineers, and CPAs to safeguard as much of your interests as we can.


Complex transactions require experienced legal counsel. Our Houston real estate and business attorneys can help you with your real estate law, business law, and condemnation law concerns. We serve individuals and families in Houston, Texas.

What is Property Law?

The branch of law that controls what individuals possess is property law. It's the field of law that regulates who can own the land and personal property and how and under what terms they can use them.

Real and personal property are both covered under property law. Property ownership and usage is a topic of law that affects everyone in society. Property law also plays a role in estate planning, family law, and municipal law.

Property law is critical for safeguarding people's real estate interests. There would be uncertainty about whether an owner has the right to undertake a given activity with the property if there were no explicit laws governing who owns different forms of real estate under specific conditions.

Property law establishes who owns something and how it may be used, stabilizing property values and protecting people's assets. When a piece of property is transferred between persons or corporations, the property law in place at the time determines who owns it and what rights they have to it. It is necessary to ensure that any property has a transparent chain of title.

There would be no way to ascertain who owns the property and what rights they have to it if there were no property laws. Individuals might claim ownership of property they did not own or had not obtained via an official transfer of title if this were the case.

When assessing whether a person has acquired consent for a property transfer, documentation such as deeds is considered. It is critical to guarantee a transparent ownership chain for property owned by several persons or corporations under property law.

Defective Construction

Property owners want their newly built house, investment property, or business property to be a safe, dependable, and pleasurable environment.

In today's society, the high expenses of building services reflect these expectations. But construction projects are rarely ideal.

When constructions are substandard or risky materials are used, it poses a safety risk, substantial financial loss, and lost time for many parties, particularly property owners.
Attorneys specializing in construction litigation can considerably boost your chances of financial recovery and make the process go much more smoothly.

Our Houston property law attorneys understand how to prevent having your case rejected or undervalued, as well as how to expedite the recovery process. There are numerous crucial steps to pursuing a claim, and failing to complete each one might jeopardize your recovery and ability to bring your home up to code.

Real Estate Litigation

Our property law experts have substantial real estate litigation expertise in various situations that might occur throughout a project. Design or funding, purchase or development, construction, or administration can lead to real estate problems.

The acquisition or sale of real property, trespass on land, quiet title lawsuits, and property flaws are all examples of real estate litigation.

GK Law will handle your difficulties and present you with the solutions accessible to you, whether it's boundary line disputes, breach of purchase or sale agreements, commercial real estate transactions, or mortgage foreclosures for lenders.

Title Disputes

Competing chains of title may emerge as land is surveyed and developed through time, resulting in a "cloud on the title."

  • We can assist you in defending your interests if there are opposing chains of title to your property.
  • We can file a quiet title action for the court to consider conflicting claims and provide a final decision that clears the title.
  • We can also represent you in a quiet title action if one has already been filed involving real estate in which you have an interest.

Restrictive covenants can also encumber the property, limiting or prohibiting its utilization. If your property is subject to recorded covenants that restrict its use, our office can help you determine if the restrictions are legal, have lapsed over time, or can be lifted.

  • We can file a lawsuit to raise such record limitations or declare them unenforceable. If a restriction benefits your land, we can litigate to have the restriction enforced for you.
  • We can assess your title insurance policy and assist you in securing coverage if you have one, which should protect you from various title problems and claims to your land.

Some title insurance plans contain a benefit that will cover the cost of our legal counsel. Our successful property law attorneys handle easement issues, boundary disputes, adverse possession claims, actions to quiet title, and lawsuits contesting restrictive covenants' enforcement.


Complex transactions require experienced legal counsel. Our Houston real estate and business attorneys can help you with your real estate law, business law, and condemnation law concerns. We serve individuals and families in Houston, Texas.

Liens on Real Estate

Due to a debt or other obligation owing by the property owner, a lien may be imposed on the property. The property is used to guarantee that the debt or obligation will be paid. Our knowledgeable property law attorneys can help you understand how the procedure works.

Liens might arise due to duties relating to the property itself, or they can arise from other items such as credit card debt that has nothing to do with the land. A worker or a company supplying construction materials can also hire a property law attorney to issue a lien on a property for construction or improvement.

Regulations on contractors' authority to impose liens on property differ from one state to another. When payment for supplies or services is not made, the contractor usually can file a form (a mechanics lien).

Lien Removal

Any prospective or pending real estate transaction might be thrown into disarray by a lien on the property. When a mechanic's lien, a tax lien, or another encumbrance exists, it can sabotage the best-laid intentions of both the buyer and the seller.

Our knowledgeable property law attorneys at GK Law can assist you in removing the stuck wrench and moving on with your transaction. We welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss how to help you achieve your objectives. We service clients all around Texas from our Houston headquarters.

Our attorneys understand how to get to the root of a real estate lien's issue and take the appropriate procedures to address it. First, we'll obtain a copy of the title report or abstract to determine the nature of the lien or claim. Once we've identified the issue, we may take the steps necessary to resolve it, collaborating with title or escrow businesses as needed.

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  • GK Law PLLC has provided exceptional legal services for my USA and International business operations. Attorney Gagan Khan and her legal team are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. GK Law Firm has counseled my company through very critical business decisions over the last 2 years. As a result, my company is positioned to grow and experience great success. Without hesitation, I highly recommend GK Law PLLC to provide you the legal services you need and deserve to be success. Dr. Georege W. Hutchinson, Founder/CEO Mandala World Global Operations.

    Dr. George H.

  • GK is as assertive as it gets! I had a great experience dealing with attorney Gagan Khan. They get the job done. Communication is key and they keep me in the loop at every point. They found a way to really think outside the box and help me with my case. I highly recommend GK. I hope I don’t need legal assistance in the future, but if I do I know I’ll be coming back to GK as they are a team I can count on.

    Alizeh R.

  • I highly recommend GK law to anyone who seeks legal help. Both Attorney Gagan Khan and Martin Thomas are very professional and their skills are at the top of their peers. Not only they are very detailed at collecting evidence for discovery, they are also quick thinkers to argue for the best interest of their clients. Moreover, they also have a big heart to extend their charitable help beyond their legal responsibility. I am really grateful that I have found GK law to represent me in my car accident case against a big bully insurance company. I will definitely come back to seek their legal help if I ever need again.

    Lei Z.

  • I had a great experience working with GK Law on my case. The team is very communicable and responsive. They answered any and all questions I had, and within the hour usually. You can trust GK Law to fight your case to the best of their abilities, giving you a peace of mind and remove stress from an already stressful situation. I highly recommend

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