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Planning a business starting is a gratifying undertaking. It is always important to remember that this is a big decision, thus everything should be well prepared. Planning includes selecting the best business structure, getting market access, dealing in business transactions, and resolving business issues. The success of a business formation is dependent on having a startup disputes attorney.

GK Law has one of the Top Business Law Attorneys in Houston, Texas. We certainly understand the complex nature of conflicts and legal matters of startup businesses, corporations, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC). As one of the most reputable business law firms in Texas, we ensure to protect your rights and guide you throughout the litigation process. By hiring us, you will save a lot of time and money. Schedule a free consultation now if you want us to evaluate your case!

Why do I need a Startup, Corporation, & LLC Dispute Attorney in Texas?

Selecting the right attorney is the most crucial step in seeking a legal service for your business. You need to evaluate their backgrounds, characteristics, and capabilities. Remember, not all business lawyers have the same experience and knowledge in areas of law. Why not choose the best lawyers? Below are the essential qualities that you have to take note of:

  • Experienced. It would be best to choose someone with extensive years of studying and practicing business laws. Offering legal remedies is not easy in disputes arising from a partnership, LLC, and start-up disputes. The broad nature of business law in Texas takes a lot of study and experience to be accustomed to. 
  • Reputable. The reputation of the law firm is often taken for granted by many. One must realize how advantageous it is if your business or corporation dispute attorney is reputable in the state. Looking for reputable lawyers is also an excellent way to look for exceptional service. Remember that acquiring the state of being reputable entails providing satisfactory and exemplary services. 
  • Dedicated. Your business litigation attorney's knowledge, experience, and reputation are useless if they lack the dedication to helping clients. You should thoroughly review the law firm and its values apropos their law practice. They should have a solid commitment to providing excellent services and must uphold the best interest of their clients. 

The enunciated good qualities of a business law firm are just one of the notable characteristics of the GK Law. Our team has extensive experience in studying and practicing the law in Texas and, at the same time, obtaining numerous awards for such excellency. 

Our team acquired this solid reputation because of such recognition. We are dedicated to going beyond our services to provide legal services anchored with our core values of personalized care, the client’s best interest in mind, and transparency and integrity. If you want to hire us for your dispute resolution, contact us now!

What is Startup, Corporation, & LLC Dispute?

business contract disputes attorney
Startup, Corporation, & LLC are the types of business arrangements set forth by the Texas laws. While each of them has a different nature and characteristics, they have in common that all of them can be subject to disputes. Either the disadvantaged shareholder or a member or partner seeks legal redress through arbitration or litigation.

  • Startup - Startups pertain to a new business or company where it is in the first stages of operations. When there is a perceived demand, two or more entrepreneurs will develop a product or service. These types of businesses generally compromise with high costs and limited revenue, so they look for capital from various sources. 
  • Corporation - A corporation is a separate entity that can exist independently of its owners. In corporations, the shareholders can transfer their ownership or stocks freely without any restrictions. In case when the corporation is liable for damages of malpractice, the members thereof cannot be held responsible. To establish a corporation, the owners must create rules and regulations, hold a meeting, and record minutes. 

Limited Liability Company (LLC) - It is a combination of partnerships and corporations. Unlike a corporation, which requires bylaws, meetings, and other things, LLC does not require one. There is also no requirement for how many members are necessary to make it valid. In LLC, members cannot withdraw or sell their interest without obtaining the majority consent of all the members. In case when the membership of an LLC disbands, the business will likely be dissolved. Like the corporation, members cannot be personally liable when legal issues arise. A Houston LLC disputes attorney is the right person to contact for issues that may arise within your limited liability company.

Business Agreements For A Startup

It is imperative for all parties involved in the startup of a business to protect each other's interests. This can be done through an operating agreement. This is also to avoid future disputes arising from a particular legal issue. Thus, if your startup is, for instance, a partnership type of business, it is necessary to have a buy-sell agreement. This should lay down the guidelines for how the departing business owner distributes his interest. 

Employment Law Issues

Startup business owners must also take note of their responsibilities to adhere to the applicable employment laws of Texas. For example, under Texas law, discrimination in terms of race, nationality, gender, color, etc., is illegal. Thus, the owner must also uphold the employees' rights and protect them under the law. Furthermore, at all times, business owners must follow the wage and hour laws of Texas. If an employer works more than 40 hours a week, they are entitled to overtime pay. 


Complex transactions require experienced legal counsel. Our Houston real estate and business attorneys can help you with your real estate law, business law, and condemnation law concerns. We serve individuals and families in Houston, Texas.

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Many legal matters and issues can arise from startups, corporations, and LLCs. These disputes are complex, so hiring an expert business law attorney is wise. Before starting up or capitalizing on your business, it is vital to take note and understand many aspects. Consulting to hire an experienced, reputable, and dedicated attorney should be your first step.   GK Law is one of the best law firms that you can hire to resolve your business' legal obstacles. We thoroughly analyze a situation, recommend affordable services and solutions, help you navigate your business issues, and discuss the necessary legal steps to expand your business.  Our substantial experience in practicing and specializing in business law guarantees you customer satisfaction. Besides business law, we also practice property law and eminent domain/condemnation law. If you or someone you know needs our services, schedule a free consultation now!

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  • GK Law PLLC has provided exceptional legal services for my USA and International business operations. Attorney Gagan Khan and her legal team are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. GK Law Firm has counseled my company through very critical business decisions over the last 2 years. As a result, my company is positioned to grow and experience great success. Without hesitation, I highly recommend GK Law PLLC to provide you the legal services you need and deserve to be success. Dr. Georege W. Hutchinson, Founder/CEO Mandala World Global Operations.

    Dr. George H.

  • GK is as assertive as it gets! I had a great experience dealing with attorney Gagan Khan. They get the job done. Communication is key and they keep me in the loop at every point. They found a way to really think outside the box and help me with my case. I highly recommend GK. I hope I don’t need legal assistance in the future, but if I do I know I’ll be coming back to GK as they are a team I can count on.

    Alizeh R.

  • I highly recommend GK law to anyone who seeks legal help. Both Attorney Gagan Khan and Martin Thomas are very professional and their skills are at the top of their peers. Not only they are very detailed at collecting evidence for discovery, they are also quick thinkers to argue for the best interest of their clients. Moreover, they also have a big heart to extend their charitable help beyond their legal responsibility. I am really grateful that I have found GK law to represent me in my car accident case against a big bully insurance company. I will definitely come back to seek their legal help if I ever need again.

    Lei Z.

  • I had a great experience working with GK Law on my case. The team is very communicable and responsive. They answered any and all questions I had, and within the hour usually. You can trust GK Law to fight your case to the best of their abilities, giving you a peace of mind and remove stress from an already stressful situation. I highly recommend

    Farhan O.


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