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Real estate matters can be incredibly complex and technical. The laws governing each type of real estate may differ from one another. Whether it involves commercial or residential real estate property, any minor dispute can result in severe, long-term legal repercussions.

There are many areas of real estate law where disputes could arise. Some real estate disputes can be resolved out of court, but real estate litigation becomes necessary when the parties cannot agree to a solution. Because each case is unique, it is imperative to retain a skilled Houston real estate attorney to obtain the best possible outcome.

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Texas?

Real estate disputes can quickly lead to complex legal issues. The range of possible disputes can be overwhelming for businesses and individuals alike. If you are facing real estate litigation or a property dispute, it is highly advisable to seek legal advice from our credible Houston real estate litigation attorneys.

At GK Law PLLC, we have extensive experience in handling real estate litigation cases in Houston TX, and its surrounding areas. Our real estate law firm provides a wide range of real estate legal services to our clients, ranging from simple matters to more complex real estate litigation. We are fully committed to our clients and their objectives, and work vigorously to protect their rights and interests. When litigation is necessary, we make it our mission to ensure that we provide the dedicated and aggressive legal representation you deserve. Contact us now and schedule an initial consultation with our law firm.

What is Real Estate Litigation?

real estate litigation attorney houston texasReal estate can be an enormously valuable asset to an individual or a company. Even relatively minor real estate issues can have significant financial consequences. Therefore, when real estate buyers are misled by contractors or sellers about the condition of their real estate property, it may be necessary to pursue real estate litigation to recover appropriate compensation.

Real estate litigation encompasses the many disputes that may arise over the lease, sale, use, development, or ownership of real property. It presents a unique set of challenges and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Real estate litigation can be a difficult process. Still, when managed effectively by a reliable Houston real estate litigation lawyer, it may be able to help real estate owners secure the compensation they need to cover their losses.


Complex transactions require experienced legal counsel. Our Houston real estate and business attorneys can help you with your real estate law, business law, and condemnation law concerns. We serve individuals and families in Houston, Texas.

What are the Common Reasons for Real Estate Litigation?

Real estate disputes are increasingly common in today’s market. Whether you are a residential property owner, a commercial real estate developer, or a property management company, there is a good chance you will find yourself in a real estate dispute. Most of these conflicts require the help of a qualified Houston real estate litigation attorney. 

Real estate litigation involves a wide range of real estate-related conflicts, including:

Boundary Disputes

A boundary dispute can arise when property owners disagree on the precise distinction between their properties. It is considered one of the most challenging areas of real estate law. In some cases, property boundaries may be incorrectly registered or inconsistent with the legally registered property line.

When the parties involved in a real estate transaction have not correctly set forth the property lines, real estate litigation may be necessary. Border disputes can arise at any instance and if not handled professionally, they can lead to the devaluation of your property. You can avoid litigation involving boundary disputes by researching the legal boundaries of the property beforehand.

Breach of Duty or Negligence

Realtors or real estate agents can be sued for negligence or breach of duty. When real estate agents negligently make a mistake that makes their clients lose money, they are responsible for any damage caused by their negligence.

Real estate agents have a legal duty to act in the best interest of their clients. All sensitive information related to their clients, such as their financial situation, must be kept completely confidential. In a real estate transaction, real estate agents must avoid any action that can lead to a breach of the duties they owe to their clients.

Breach of Contract

Buying or selling a property always comes with a contract. It includes the terms and conditions with which both parties involved in the business must comply. However, no matter how everyone ensures that everything is clear, these contracts are sometimes violated because of unnoticed details. When agreements in the contract are violated, a recently purchased residential or commercial property may face several real estate disputes.

When either party fails to follow the terms specified in the contract, the other party may have a right to sue for breach of contract. A breach of contract is one of the most common reasons people go to real estate court. It happens when one or more contractual obligations during a property transaction have not been fulfilled.

Failure to Disclose a Property Defect

Real estate sellers in Texas are legally required to disclose material defects they know about that are not readily observable to a buyer. Common property defects can include holes in the roof, mold in the walls, leaks, and improvements that never received the proper permits.

When the buyer discovers a previously undisclosed defect after acquiring the residential or commercial property, the buyer may pursue legal actions against the seller. The buyer has the right to sue the seller for failure to disclose a known and not evident defect. The buyer must prove that the defendant knew about the defect, yet purposefully concealed it.

Call Our Experienced Houston Real Estate Litigation Attorney Now!

Buying or selling a home or a commercial property is not as easy as it may seem. Real estate is a magnet for litigation, from disputes in transactions and development to conflicts among co-owners or between landlords and tenants. If you’re one of the involved parties in a real estate transaction, you want to ensure that everything is settled and far from disagreements.

If you are involved in a real estate contract dispute, it is important to make sure you are not being taken advantage of by a third party. With all real estate transactions, it is highly advised to seek legal advice from our seasoned Houston real estate litigation attorneys at GK Law PLLC. With a firm understanding of Texas real estate law, we can guide you through all real estate matters, and will competently represent you during any disputes or litigation. Whether you need to file a lawsuit against a buyer or seller, or you are defending against a lawsuit, our real estate law firm can help. Contact us now and schedule an initial consultation.

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