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The best way for a start-up to capitalize on business opportunities and minimize potential problems is by working with a competent Houston start-up business attorney during the business incorporation stage. Establishing your own start-up business can be a very exciting and nerve-wracking journey. You must find the balance of conducting business while protecting yourself and your company.

At GK Law PLLC, we provide a full range of services to start your business on the right foot. Contact our law office now and schedule an initial consultation with our qualified Texas business lawyers to help launch your new business successfully.

Why Do I Need a Start-Up Business Attorney in Texas?

houston start-up business attorney

When starting a new start-up business in Texas, it is critical that you lay the foundation with a legally-enforceable business contract, correct licensing paperwork, and intellectual property (IP) protection. If you want your business to grow into something sustainable, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice from our dependable Houston start-up business attorney to make your start-up dreams into reality.

At GK Law PLLC, we provide a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Advising on corporate structure
  • Drafting documents and establishing compliance with governance requirements
  • Negotiating and drafting operating agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and other agreements among co-owners
  • Filing the appropriate forms and documentation with government entities
  • Obtaining permits and licensing
  • Litigating disputes
  • Facilitating capital and financing
  • Advising on tax strategies
  • Ensuring intellectual property protections

Our business law firm has the legal knowledge and extensive experience to help you navigate Texas business laws. We represent start-ups across multiple industries throughout Houston and its surrounding areas with their business incorporation needs. We will help you build a solid foundation so your start-up can flourish. 

Contact us now and schedule an initial consultation with our trusted Houston start-up business attorneys to discuss your business and legal needs.

What is a Start-Up Business?

A start-up is a new business generally in the early stages of its development. It is established by one or more entrepreneurs to create unique products or services and introduce them to the market. During the early stages of launching, start-ups are usually self-funded by members of the founding team.

Start-ups aim to bring innovation and build ideas very quickly. While enhancing your products, you are also looking to expand your customer base rapidly. This helps you establish increasingly larger market shares, which, in turn, lets you raise more income. A knowledgeable Houston start-up business attorney can help you understand how start-ups work.

How Do I Launch a Start-Up Business in Texas?

There are many steps that entrepreneurs must take as they try to get their start-ups off the ground and begin operations. A top-ranking Houston start-up attorney can guide you through the process of a start-up business.

Choose a Business Idea

Starting a business always begins with an idea. Creating a business plan is a positive first step when it comes to testing the feasibility of a business idea. A business plan is a document that maps out the details of your business. It ensures you have thought through every element of your new business, including:

  • Details of the products or services
  • Business model
  • Target audience and potential customers
  • Marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • Market analysis (conducting market research), market niche, and customer base
  • Low-cost accounting software, business licenses, and business insurance
  • Financial projections, including cash flow analysis and break-even analysis
  • Social media presence, search engine optimization (SEO), domain name
  • Management team

At this stage, consider your skills, interests, availability, resources, and reasons why you want to form a business. Having a solid business plan can help your business stay on track, especially when obstacles arise.

Decide on a Legal Structure

When starting a business, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a legal structure for your new venture. You must ensure that you have considered the pros and cons of each type of business structure. The most common legal structures for small businesses include the following:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General or limited partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)

Select a Business Name

If you plan on conducting business online, you may want to register your business name as a domain name. For corporations and LLCs, you must ensure that your chosen business name is unique and distinguishable from the names of other business entities already filed with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS)

Register Your Texas Business Entity

To establish a sole proprietorship or general partnership in Texas, you do not need to file any organizational documents with the state. To create an LLC or a corporation, you must file a Certificate of Formation with the Texas SOS.

Apply for Texas Licenses and Permits

You must apply for a sales tax permit if you plan to sell goods in Texas. If your start-up business has employees or is taxed separately from you, you need to obtain a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service. 

Furthermore, you must also obtain specific regulatory licenses and permits that cover areas such as:

  • Building and Construction
  • Health and Safety
  • Specific industries or services
  • Environment

Select a Business Location and Check Zoning Laws

At this stage, you need to choose a good location for your business and check local zoning regulations. Before making a decision, you must consider the needs of your potential customers and calculate the expenses of running your business in the desired place.

File and Report Taxes

You must examine the basic tax scheme for your type of business. Since Texas does not have a personal income tax, some business owners will not owe state tax on their income.

Obtain Business Insurance

The next step is to call an agent and explain the insurance needs of your new business. Tell them the type of business, the types of products, the business location, the kinds of liability your business might face, and the numbers and types of employees you will have. Business insurance protects your company and assets from any possible fallout of unexpected disasters, natural catastrophes, or personal injury lawsuits.

Open a Business Bank Account

Regardless of what type of business you form, it is highly advisable to open a separate bank account to make it easier to track your income and expenses.

Call Our Seasoned Houston Start-Up Business Attorney Now!

Starting a new business can be a rewarding experience as long as you plan. Entrepreneurs must be aware of potential pitfalls and what legal steps to follow. From selecting the suitable business formation to engaging in business transactions to resolving business disputes, our experienced Houston start-up business attorney from GK Law PLLC can give you the best chance at success.

Our business law firm understands the challenges a small business owner may face, and we will work to help them avoid the legal issues common to start-ups. We understand the opportunities and concerns with creating Houston start-ups and craft solutions tailor-made for the type and stage of our clients’ start-up companies. We are well-versed in the inner workings of a start-up and can help clients plan for long-term strategies that protect business interests while reducing personal risk. Schedule a consultation with our credible Texas business lawyers to discuss your legal needs and help you begin to take steps toward future business success.

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