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You have Dedicated Significant Time and Effort to Establishing Your Business. Allow Us to Assist You in Protecting It.

For several years, our law firm has assisted Texas businesses in achieving success.

Whether you require a firm contract or assistance with corporate formations or transactions, our experienced and effective Houston business attorneys at GK Law are prepared to assist you!

Are you embroiled in a business conflict? Our business law attorneys can assist you in navigating complex claims and lawsuits – ranging from contract breaches to shareholder or partnership disputes – so that you can resume normal operations as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!

What we can create if we work together

Several years have passed since most of our clients began working with GK Law.

We have gotten to know them and their enterprises, as well as their personalities and families. We value personal interactions with our clients. We want to understand your needs, especially during difficult economic conditions. Getting to know you enables us to represent you while delivering results that exceed your hopes and expectations.

For many entrepreneurs and investors, a firm is much more than a place to work; it may become one of the most significant aspects of their lives.

When it comes to this critical asset, commercial transactions are typically conducted through one of the following contracts or agreements:

  • A legally binding letter of intent
  • A signed contract - this defines the parties' rights and obligations and can result in severe consequences if the provisions are breached.
  • Signed memorandum
  • Employment contracts - these define the terms and conditions of work and may include clauses (such as a non-compete clause) that stay in effect after the employment relationship ends

Are you dealing with a breach of contract?

What happens when contracts are breached?

Bringing lawsuits and defending against litigation is a reality in today's highly competitive corporate climate. A breach of contract can result in severe financial loss for your firm if business operations are disrupted.

On the other hand, a claim for breach of contract brought against you can have substantial career ramifications. If your business needs to defend itself against a claim, or if you suspect another party has violated an agreement and/or committed fraud, you need a Houston commercial litigation attorney with the experience, resources, and litigation firepower to defend your firm.


Complex transactions require experienced legal counsel. Our Houston real estate and business attorneys can help you with your real estate law, business law, and condemnation law concerns. We serve individuals and families in Houston, Texas.

We Handle a Variety of Business Litigation Cases in Houston

Commercial litigation is an umbrella phrase that refers to any form of a legal dispute or legal issue involving a corporation. The subject matter of the dispute frequently takes precedence over the identity of the litigants.

When commercial issues escalate to litigation, the procedure can become highly complicated. However minor it may seem, every business dispute has the potential to become an expensive lawsuit.

There are numerous sorts of business litigation and circumstances that are appropriate. Our Houston real estate and business law firm handles the following business lawsuit disputes:

Business Law Services in Houston, TX

Even when businesses attempt to avoid court, civil litigation is occasionally unavoidable. Regardless of the nature of the claim, the client's size or the complexity of the dispute, one of our business litigation attorneys in GK Law has the legal ability, financial fortitude, and expertise necessary to represent the interests of practically any commercial client successfully.

Consult a Houston Business Attorney Immediately for legal counsel today!

Today, businesses face numerous legal obstacles, whether they arise as a result of business disputes, employee issues, federal regulations, or acquisitions or expansions of operations.

The majority of these issues will require the assistance of an experienced business law attorney who can:

  • analyze a situation,
  • recommend the most cost-effective solution possible for the business owner,
  • provide comprehensive legal services that address all critical areas that a business, large or small, may encounter,
  • help you navigate through your business issues, and
  • discuss the appropriate legal steps to expand your business


With over a decade of experience assisting local businesses, you can be confident that a GK lawyer will handle your case with care!

We are looking forward to meeting with you and discussing any legal requirements your company may have.

If you are involved in a business dispute or commercial lawsuit, don’t waste time! Contact GK Law now for legal advice and schedule a consultation to explore your situation in greater detail!



What type of entity should I make for my startup company?

It depends. Are you planning to stay small or go public? Different corporate structures have their benefits. The choice of structure depends on how you want to run your startup. If you intend to keep the ownership small, and the taxes simple, the startup can be structured as an S Corp or even a limited liability company (LLC). If you intend get investors, give people shares in the company and eventually become a publicly traded, then the best structure may be a corporation . We would recommend drafting a business plan for your start up and then consulting legal counsel for your case.

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