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No matter how small a business is, it may benefit from the guidance of skilled legal counsel. The full-time services of an in-house attorney may or may not be essential or financially possible, depending on your company's needs. Retaining outside general counsel can provide many of the same services as in-house counsel.

GK Law provides general counsel services to growing businesses. We can be employed daily to advise on legal issues that occur, or we can be brought in on a more comprehensive level to assist with specific concerns and projects. Our general counsel services attorney will get to know your company and goals so that they can consistently operate in your best interests.

What Are General Counsel Services?

general counsel services

General Counsel Services, also known as GC are outsourced or part-time services catering to many organizations on a contract basis rather than as an employee.

Some clients may have their own legal department, but still, retain a general counsel services attorney who helps with legal overflow work for a fraction of the cost of a regular law firm. Other clients may not have in-house legal counsel. Thus, the General Counsel Service provider serves as their principal legal counsel.

Most businesses understand the need to have attorneys representing them in drafting, evaluating, or negotiating contracts, but also providing general legal advice.

What Are the Roles of a General Counsel Services Attorney?

Many small and medium enterprises lack the financial means to engage an in-house general counsel to handle any legal issues.

Hiring an outside general counsel is a cost-effective and efficient way for small and medium firms to access a knowledgeable attorney. The function of an outside general counsel attorney is multifaceted.

Legal Advisor

The outside general counsel services attorney knows their client's business operations as a legal counselor. Counsel identifies possible legal difficulties, examines current legal issues, and offers employees and senior management compliance recommendations.


Contract preparation and review, employment contract drafting and analysis, and federal and state compliance for entities such as LLCs, partnerships, and corporations are all services provided by an outside general counsel services attorney.

Legal Representative

If a company is embroiled in a legal dispute, an outside general counsel services attorney acts as the company's legal representative. If a company is facing a legal problem, an outside general counsel services attorney supervises the case and delegates concerns to attorneys specializing in employment, real estate, and insurance law.

What Type of Legal Services Should Be Outsourced?

If a small or medium firm does not have the financial resources to hire an in-house general counsel, they may profit from hiring a general counsel services attorney. The following are some examples of legal services that can be outsourced:

  • Administration (such as document review, legal transcription, and claim processing)
  • Research and legal analysis for potential and present issues existing in the business
  • Representing the business in all phases of litigation when the company is involved in a legal dispute
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts

Regardless of the legal challenges your company is dealing with, an outside general services attorney works quickly to resolve them.

What Are the Types of General Counsel Services We Offer

General counsel services include various legal issues that affect organizations of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to publicly listed enterprises. Regardless of the size of your company, whether you have one person or hundreds, general counsel services may help you sustain and expand it.

Regulatory Compliance

Our general counsel services attorney may defend your company in regulatory compliance problems following state and federal regulations that apply to your firm. We can advise you on how to comply with these laws and represent you in any lawsuit that may emerge if your company is accused of failing to do so.

Commercial and Business Law

Our general counsel services attorney may also represent your company in contract negotiations, drafting, and review. We can represent you in any commercial transaction or disagreement and handle any resulting lawsuit. Our lawyers can also attend company meetings and other conferences to identify and resolve any legal concerns.

Employment Law

Business rules, employee handbooks, and employment contracts may all be drafted with the help of GK Law. Our lawyers may also provide employment advice, such as hiring new workers or firing current ones and defending you in workplace disputes.

There are several advantages to hiring an outside general counsel compared to in-house counsel. Outside general counsel services give business owners the freedom to choose the sort of legal assistance that best suits their needs. They're also less expensive, especially if a client needs help with a few issues.

Outside general counsel services may be perfect for you if you are a business owner who needs frequent legal advice. Call us right now for a free consultation.

Why Retain a General Counsel Services Attorney in Texas?

Legal difficulties confront businesses of all sizes daily. The primary benefit of having an outside general counsel is that they can provide continuing legal guidance and assistance on various topics, from regulatory difficulties to compliance.

The following are some of the advantages of engaging a reliable business attorney:


Hiring a general counsel is a cost-effective way to get legal help. Instead of hiring an in-house legal team, you can hire an outside general counsel as needed. There's no need to offer them perks or incentives, and there's no need to make room in your office for them.

Geographic Diversity

From cross country to state boundaries, many start-ups require the general counsel of an experienced attorney. Breaking into new markets may necessitate a thorough examination of the applicable norms and regulations. Your local attorney can assist you in navigating these choppy seas while avoiding legal blunders.

Specialization Access

Having an experienced attorney is advantageous because of their access to specialists and experts. A general counsel services attorney can assist you in making connections. As opposed to costing involved, the flexibility of outside counsel can make it possible.


Large corporations will benefit from engaging an attorney for typical situations. In-house counsel is in charge of the company's overall legal strategy and vision. Ad-hoc tasks, on the other hand, are handled by an experienced attorney. Small businesses benefit from these advantages because they may hire a solo practitioner on an as-needed basis.

Before problems arise, an experienced attorney can analyze corporate actions and advise on potential risks or implications. You are less likely to face a lawsuit if your company is well-run and has a solid legal base. Clear and enforceable agreements and good record-keeping will assure a faster and more favorable resolution if you are involved in a dispute or litigation.

GK Law has provided legal counsel to business owners, executives, and stockholders for years. Our clients are aware that they can contact us for immediate legal advice on any business concern.

We learn about your business operations and industry by establishing a long-term partnership. We don't waste time "getting to know you"; instead, we have a thorough grasp of your business and insight that can be used immediately to address your legal concerns.

Legal issues seldom fit into one of two categories. Our customers also benefit from having a team of attorneys accessible to counsel them on various topics, ranging from transactional concerns and contract reviews to breach of contract claims and partnership disputes.

Personalized General Counsel Services for Your Business

The long-term relationship you create with your attorney is one of the most significant advantages of working with outside general counsel. Our experienced general counsel services attorney provides you with a plethora of information and insight, but they also learn the ins and outs of your particular firm. This partnership is critical to the success of your business at every level of its development.

Instead of giving generic advice, our experienced general counsel services attorney will be able to tailor recommendations to your company's unique needs. Developing a stronger connection with your general counsel may save you time and money while assisting your company's growth.

A general counsel's responsibility also includes risk management. For years, GK Law has been resolving commercial issues. Consequently, we can advise business owners and executives on risks and exposures that they may not have considered. Please don't wait till there's an issue to try to solve it. Instead, collaborate with a third-party general counsel to identify and analyze such hazards before they arise.

Consult an Experienced Attorney in Houston, TX!

The services of a general counsel are not limited to proactive legal concerns. In the case of litigation or a disagreement, our competent attorneys can also safeguard and defend your interests. Your general counsel will be well-versed in your written agreements and business procedures aside from being prepared to vigorously protect your interests in and out of court. Call our legal team at GK Law to know how we can help you with business law, real estate law, eminent condemnation, and more. 


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